Damon Phillips | Age: 23 | Crew mate | Male

Bio: Damon practically raised his younger brother Neal. Their parents were never really around they always seemed to be busied with something else and they never paid much attention to Damon or Neal. So when Damon turned eighteen he moved out and brought Neal with him, they moved to a small town in the middle of Idaho where they continued with their lives. Damon enrolled in flight school but later dropped out and joined the Space Training Program where he learned how to service space crafts of all sorts.

He taught his brother everything he knew. When Damon turned twenty he was requested to join the Ark Mrk II and he happily accepted but he was uneasy about leaving his brother behind so his brother became a stowaway, only after several weeks Minah discovered Neal hiding within the ship. She was not angry or upset at Damon for hiding his brother she was simply bothered that he didn’t ask or make it known that his brother would be joining them. As a result Damon has been trying to prove himself to her, he does every job at 110% and rarely complains.

Personality: Damon is a nice guy who loves his brother but he has a wicked thing for the ladies. He has never been in an exclusive relationship and he is quite the flirt. Well actually the only exclusive relationship he has been in is with his tools and tool box, he is extremely passionate about mechanics and is the best on the ship. There is nothing he cannot fix or upgrade, he is very serious about the upkeep of the ship and is nearly always seen with a wrench in his hand.


Younger brother is Neal Phillips

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